What is Core HRMS?

HRMS or HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is the backbone of any HR department. Imagine it as this all-encompassing software wizard that empowers HR pros like yourself to manage crucial employee info and processes with ease. We're talking about everything from the first day an employee walks in the door to managing those intricate payroll shenanigans and every HR task in between. Core HRMS has got it all covered.

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The Benefits of an Integrated

Understand the basics let's explore the advantages of integrating Core HRMS with HRIS software solutions:

Streamlined Data Management

By bringing Core HRMS and HRIS into a loving embrace, you're essentially putting all your HR data in one cozy spot. Say goodbye to the mind-numbing task of manual data entry, bid goodbye to errors and wave hello to heightened data security. That's right; you're entering the world of hassle-free data management.

Enhanced Employee Experience

With a unified system in place, your employees can hop in and access their info in a minute. They can request time off, update their personal details and do it all with a few clicks. That sort of thing makes your staff members happy and more engaged.

Efficient Decision-Making

HRIS software that is integrated offers thorough insights into your employees. You can make data driven decisions on talent acquisition, performance management and succession planning.

Cost Savings

Here's where the big bosses start tired energetically. When you kick redundant systems and manual processes to the curb, you're saving those all important dollars. Plus, when your HR operations run like a well oiled machine, your company's profitability gets a little boost.

Compliance and Reporting

Nobody wants to deal with compliance nightmares, right? Well, an integrated HRIS system is like your guardian angel here. It ensures your organization dances to the regulatory tune. It simplifies reporting and auditing processes, reducing compliance related risks.

Core HRMS Integration

Now, let's zoom in on the heart of the matter - Integrated CoreHRMS Modules. These are like the superheroes within a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) working in harmony to make your HR life better.

Employee Information Management

It stores all those precious nuggets of employee info, tracks their employment history and keeps their contact details close at hand. This module makes hiring, onboarding and employee record management a walk in the park.

Payroll Processing

HRIS systems step in and automate payroll calculations, tax deductions and direct deposit management. Say hello to accuracy and timely payments.

Employee Tax & Statutory

Taxes and statutory compliance can be a mess, but this module simplifies it all. It takes care of tax calculations, deductions and reporting. Your organization stays on the right side of tax laws, reducing compliance related stress.

Leave Management Module

Leave requests and approvals can be a headache, but not with this module. It automates leave related tasks, making it a breeze for both employees and HR teams. It is all about transparency, equites and efficiency.

Compensation & Benefits

Health insurance, retirement plans and leave policies - this module helps you manage all those sweet employee benefits.

Time and Attendance

No more manual attendance tracking. This module does it all from keeping an eye on work hours to managing absences. It's a gamechanger for payroll and attendance management.

Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

Looking for fresh talent? HRIS systems have your back. They help with job postings, collect applications and track candidates' progress.

Performance Management

Get ready for some serious talent development with this module. It handles performance appraisals, goal setting and feedback for your employees.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employees can now be more independent. ESS modules empower them to access their HR info, request time off and update personal details, reducing HR's admin load.

Reports Management

Last but not least, the Reports Management Module is here to help you generate and analyze all sorts of HR reports and analytics. It compiles data from various HRIS modules, providing insights into employee performance, payroll, attendance and more. It's your ticket to informed HR strategies and a healthier workforce.

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