Ensuring Data Security and Quality Excellence for Your Business

In today's digital age, data is the lifeblood of businesses and maintaining its integrity while complying with Quality Management System (QMS) standards is crucial. At e-square, we offer comprehensive Data Protection and Quality Management System Compliance in Pakistan, designed to safeguard your data and elevate your quality standards.

We believe in Quality Management system which is reflected from following achievements.

Our Quality Policy

e-Square Services are committed to delivering exceptional service which exceeds our customers’ and candidates’ expectations.
  • We recognize the diverse structures and requirements of our client base, and will provide a bespoke service to suit the particular needs of individual clients.
  • Our aim is to provide an informative, up-to-date and intelligent approach to solving the issues related to recruitment, payroll processing & 3rd party manpower outsourcing services, which that our Clients and employees may face in the ever-changing marketplace of today.
  • We seek to develop, maintain and enhance a reputation of efficiency, professionalism, and fairness which is of premier status within our sector. Such a level of service can only be achieved by the dedication, commitment and full support of all of our employees in all their activities.
  • Directors are committed to satisfy applicable requirements of clients, legal obligation, transparency, and will ensure that employees are clearly informed of the company’s performance and plans.
e-Square Services recognizes the importance of recruiting and retaining exceptional people in our business.
  • The “e-Square Services” provides a comprehensive and professional learning environment for all, ensuring that all of our staff is fully aware of all policies, best practice guidelines and safe recruitment practices.
  • We utilize a clearly structured and comprehensive HRIS system to manage our relationships with all candidates. We commit to offering equal opportunities to all candidates, and ensure the highest standards of data protection are upheld. Our processes are transparent and open to audit.
  • Above all, e-Square Services Personnel are dedicated to continually improving our service offering across all aspects of our business. We will always seek to gain feedback and stakeholder input, making appropriate changes wherever possible to improve our service to candidates, clients, internal staff and all other parties.

Our Corporate Compliance Services

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

At e-square, we understand that each business is unique and has its own specific needs. That's why we offer personalized Corporate Compliance Services in Pakistan to ensure that your company complies with all relevant statutory requirements. We take into account the size, industry and location of your business to create a compliance plan that fits like a glove.

Expert Guidance

E-square team of legal experts and consultants are well-versed in the intricacies of Pakistani corporate law. They keep up-to-date with the latest statutory changes, ensuring that your business remains fully compliant at all times.

  • A seasoned professional labor laws counselor
  • An expert Tax legal advisor
  • An expert Tax consultant
  • An internal audit Company
  • A statutory audit Company

Compliance Audits

We conduct thorough compliance audits to identify any areas where your business may be falling short of statutory requirements. This proactive approach helps you address issues before they worsen into legal problems.

SRB (Sindh Revenue Board), PRA (Punjab Revenue Authority), BRA (Balochistan Revenue Authority), Federal capital sales tax authority & FBR.

  • GLI (Group life Insurance)
  • Choice of excellent "Medical insurances outpatient policies", with premium as low as Rs.200/month
  • EOBI (Employee old age benefit Institute)
  • SESSI (Sindh Employees social security Institute)
  • PESSI (Punjab Employees social security Institute)
  • IESSI (Islamabad Employees social security Institute)
  • EPPF (Employee profit participation fund)

Financial Strength

Several running Modarba agreements to ensure timely funds arrangements in all circumstances.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy (HSE)

The Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policy enunciates the philosophy and commitment of the company towards environmental protection and management of health and safety of employees, contract workmen (outsourced) and visitors. The enhanced HSE policy is as follows:

e-Square as a corporate citizen is committed to demonstrating a high standard of environmental protection, sharing of best practices and provision of a safe and healthy workplace.

To achieve this, we shall work towards:

  • Identification of HSE risks and opportunities in our operations.
  • Environmental protection.
  • We shall work towards meeting our entire electricity demands from renewable energy through onsite or off-site sources.
  • We shall implement newer and efficient technologies for waste water recycling and reuse.
  • We shall explore and implement measures to mitigate impact of our operations on climate change.
  • We shall work towards pollution prevention.
  • We shall nurture and promote biodiversity conservation in our owned sites and help in maintaining the ecological balance.
  • Eliminating unsafe incidents, prevention of occupational illness and injuries at the workplace:
  • We shall identify hazards and assess risks pertaining to our operations on a periodic basis.
  • We shall establish safety committees at all locations to monitor and control employee health and safety matters.
  • We shall implement a robust governance to review incidents, investigate and strengthen proactive deployment of actions to avoid occurrence or recurrence.
  • We shall work on continually improving the maturity of our Emergency response practices for mitigating operational threats and vulnerabilities.
  • We shall facilitate necessary Medical assistance to all personnel working in our campuses as deemed appropriate and in line with policy guidelines.
  • Determination of compliance obligations, adherence in all operations, monitoring to ensure fulfilment and correction of non-conformities.
  • Embedding HSE culture in the organization.
  • We will work with all interested parties to continually improve our Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.
  • We shall meet mandated health and safety requirements as a minimum and strive to go beyond regulatory limitations to become an innovative leader in, health and safety and environment management as well to establish benchmarks.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What are Statutory Compliance Services in Pakistan?

Statutory Compliance Services in Pakistan refer to the comprehensive support and assistance provided to businesses and organizations to ensure their compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements set forth by the government.

How can Statutory Compliance Consultants benefit my business?

Statutory Compliance Consultants play a crucial role in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of regulatory requirements in Pakistan. We provide expert guidance, conduct audits and develop tailored strategies to ensure that your business complies with all statutory obligations.

Is it advisable to outsource Statutory Compliance services for my company?

Yes, outsourcing Statutory Compliance services can be highly beneficial for companies in Pakistan. By outsourcing these responsibilities to specialized service providers, businesses can leverage the expertise of professionals who stay abreast of regulatory changes.

What is the significance of EOBI, SESSI, PESSI, and IESSI in Statutory Compliance?

EOBI (Employees' Old-Age Benefits Institution), SESSI (Sindh Employees' Social Security Institution), PESSI (Punjab Employees' Social Security Institution), and IESSI (Islamabad Employees' Social Security Institution) are key components of Statutory Compliance in Pakistan. These entities manage social security and old-age benefits for employees.

How can businesses stay updated on changes in Statutory Compliance regulations?

Staying informed about changes in Statutory Compliance regulations is essential for businesses in Pakistan. To stay updated, businesses can subscribe to legal updates, engage with professional associations and enlist the services of Statutory Compliance Consultants who continuously monitor and interpret regulatory changes.

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